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-slow stitching

Painting will always be my first love, but slow stitching inspires me in a new way. I find all the connections between stitching so touching and inspiring - the way stitching mends, repairs, transforms, alters, makes something more beautiful, holds things together. Fabric and stitching formed an intrinsic part of my childhood, and stitching brings back so many memories - memories that are much more poignant considering both my Mum and Gran lost their own memories way too soon (yep, #alzheimerssucks) As part of my daily art practice, I always have a small slow stitching project in progress. Slow stitching helps me stay more present and mindful. I am constantly rescuing old, vintage fabrics - stained, torn and damaged - and find these fabrics, with all their imperfections, become the perfect canvas for my messy stitches. There's something so rewarding about giving these old fragile items a second chance....I find constant threads of connection between my sewing and life around me. Drop me a message and let me know how we can connect over our love of slow stitching. Tell me what inspires you, or send me an idea for a new stitching project...


-nice to meet you-

Hi, I’m Gill! A maker and an artist, my creative journey is in response to the colors, textures and inspirations of my African life. I have found a way to tell a story through my many layers of painting, fabric, embroidery and hand stitching, often using vintage, rescued or repurposed fabrics - my art and portraits are about connections and the stories told through art: I am intrigued by the inherent beauty and imperfections of the human face and my wish is that you find connection and inspiration and a new way to tell your story through my art 

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-gill x

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