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wall flower collection title: 'bloom' size: 60cms x 60cms medium: hand stitched embroidery over original hand painted portrait

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the artist seated in front of canvas and artworks in progress

Hi, I’m Gill! A maker and an artist, my creative journey is in response to the colors, textures and inspirations of my African life. I have found a way to tell a story through my many layers of painting, fabric, embroidery and hand stitching, often using vintage, rescued or repurposed fabrics - my art and portraits are about connections and the stories told through art: I am intrigued by the inherent beauty and imperfections of the human face and my wish is that you find connection and inspiration and a new way to tell your story through my art 

gill x-

-kind Words-

Gill is a hugely talented artist and has an amazing eye for detail. She brings her artwork to life and I have been mesmerized by some of her work. She recently painted a beautiful portrait of my son, worked to a tight deadline and delivered a great painting. She also went the extra mile to ensure it was delivered to me in the UK as a framed piece and on time. Gill. I'm honoured to have your art work

We commissioned a piece of art to commemorate a significant birthday, drawing inspiration from the stunning portraits previously created by Gill. The resulting portrait perfectly embodies our vision: Gill skillfully captured the subject's infectious and lovely personality, while the vibrant and colorful fabric mirrors her zest for life.

I recently had the pleasure of commissioning portraits of my daughters from Gill, the entire process was a joy from start to finish. Not only was Gill skilled in capturing the likeness and essence of my girls but Gill also showed a deep understanding of color, composition and style, the results are true works of art that will be deeply treasured, Gill worked diligently to ensure that the finished art works were even better than what I envisioned

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